Fashion Shows - "create maximum impact" "create maximum impact"

To get the most out of a Fashion Show it simply has to be a dynamic and stimulating experience for all those who attend.

For this type of event we make use of very versatile Aluminium Truss Frame Systems.

Trussing allows us to build ideal settings because it can span large distances without obstructing the floor area.Lighting, Audio and even Plasma Screens can be hung from trussing. This keeps the catwalk totally clear to maintain the maximum viewing area.

Once the trussing dimensions have been calculated we can then design the Lighting, FX and Stage Set to your specific requirements and create the maximum impact.


Fashion Shows - "create maximum impact" - Pheonix TV Chinese Beauty Pageant & Fashion Show...

Pheonix TV Chinese Beauty Pageant & Fashion Show...

All photos shown are all from SSL events